Who I Am


My name’s Sam. I am an eighteen-year-old with a passion for cooking healthy, whole foods.

Many of my recipes are inspired my life of growing up overseas; before the age of sixteen, I’d moved ten times, from places like Mexico, Austria, and Peru, among others.


Although I’m back in the US now (starting at Duke University in the fall), I often find myself pulling recipe inspiration from my time abroad – and sometimes from current travels, too.

Sometimes, though, I just cook. I also enjoy eating things with spoons: oatmeal, pudding, yogurt… the constant lack of the utensil in my kitchen drawer can attest to this.

Hence, spoons + travel = the name.


All in all, some of this stuff is travel-inspired, and some of it is just healthy stuff that I’ve whipped up in the kitchen that has turned out well enough to earn a post (there’s definitely a good amount of cauliflower slop and egg white disaster that gets left out).

Life is happy, healthy, and full of adventure. I’m just having fun with this blog, so I hope you all enjoy it (and all the parenthetical commentary that comes with it)!